Newsletter March 2015

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Welcome to Community on Solid Ground’s (CSG) March Newsletter

This newsletter aims to update all of our communities, young people, partnerships and supporters

of recent and forthcoming developments at CSG.

CSG March Newsletter 2015

Community on Solid Ground is a charity based organisation which aims to change the lives of young people

through the Power of Sports, Youth Work and Mentoring Programmes.

If you would like to support, sponsor, volunteer or make any suggestions about any of our projects please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many Thanks for your on-going support & we hope you enjoy reading about CSG.

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CSG Team

CSG March Newsletter 2015

Upcoming: Girls Press Club

We are pleased to be supported by TrustHouse Charitable Trust to introduce a new girls project: ‘Press Club’.

We are working with a local creative writing social enterprise ‘Invisible Inc’, to present a girls Press Club for 11-19 year olds.

The emphasis of the Press Club is on creativity, presenting participants with a wide range of exercises using visuals, music, text and objects. This is to enhance their communication and writing skills, but allows young people to practice their creative problem solving skills and increase their chances of continuing in further education.

It will also act as a platform for creative writers and be an avenue for young people to have their voices heard on issues which are important to them.

The Press Club will be starting at the end of January, and we will keep you updated on dates and times, but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding this project on: 0161 862 0955

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamouring to become visible.”
Vladimir Nabokov

Post summer updates!

Apologies for not updating the page since the summer began, but CSG has been packed with activities and events which left little time for the office which was abandoned!

Summer playscheme
Throughout the summer, playschemes were running for children aged 7-14, with the support of our wonderful volunteers who supported the children in all sorts of activities, including arts and crafts, jewellery making, baking, playing board games, sports activities and more!

Football camp
In the afternoons, football camp was underway in the park in the glorious sunshine we’ve had in Manchester, which was incredibly successful and attracted a large number of children from the area and beyond.

Sports day
CSG also ran TWO sports days over the summer due to the children wanting to get involved in more sports activities in the area. The first sports day was traditional games, such as sack races and egg and spoon races. Our second sports day was supported by friends of CSG, a local sports club called the Mancunians. The Mancunians came along to Manley Park and supported the YSG team to deliver a variety of fun and exciting sports. Throughout the day the children took part in dodge ball, handball and rugby. All the sessions where delivered by highly qualified coaches from both organisations, some of which have specific knowledge of each of these sports so this was a real opportunity for our YSG children to learn from the best.

Street games 26-08-14
As we reached the last week of the summer holidays most kids would have been putting there feet up and getting the end of summer blues, not the kids from CSG! CSG took a group of 9 young people to one of Manchester biggest sporting events for young people of the year, the ‘Street Games multi-sports festival. The festival took part at Sport City and was host to over 1000 young people. Check out the videos on our youtube channel as well as facebook page to catch the CSG boys cheerleading!

Blackpool trip
CSG took nearly 50 young people on a day trip to Blackpool pleasure beach to spend the day at the park as well as on the beach. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all young people and staff, who didn’t want to leave at the end of the day!

14 young people took part on a weekend away at Edale for a residential trip, where they took part in a variety of different activities such as canoeing, caving, rock climbing and more. It was an opportunity for our mentors to spend quality time with young people. As part of taking part in the residential all the young people present were able to gain accredited qualifications through Peddle Power certificates. Well done guys!

All our weekly activities have returned to normal, such as our packed Wednesday and friday night football sessions. Our Saturday night open youth club has been ongoing all summer, but has seen increasing numbers of young people attending.

Our successful mentoring services offered to schools and other agencies has been going incredibly well and will be putting a separate post full of information for all those interested in this service.

Communities united family fun day and youth concert
We are currently working alongside different organisations such as Powerhouse, and Whitworth Art Gallery to plan and deliver a whole day of events for families and a concert with live bands and acts for young people in the evening. The event will be on Saturday 27th September from 12-4pm for the family fun day, then 6-9pm for the youth concert.

Lots of exciting events have happened and more planned for the coming months. We look forward to your participation! Feel free to message us any time with any queries or questions.